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Save The Bay

Apr 18, 2023 | Non-Profits We Love

 My life (and the lives of most Rhode Islanders) is influenced on a daily basis by the bay that is surrounded by Rhode Island – Narragansett Bay.   If we don’t swim in it, boat on it or eat food that comes directly from it we certainly can view it from most of the State. 

The health of this body of water is of major importance to all Rhode Islanders.  The mission of Save The Bay is to “protect and improve” Narragansett Bay. They work tirelessly to ensure that there is a future where the Bay is fully accessible, swimmable and fishable for all.  

Save The Bay was born in 1970.  Tiverton was slated to be the site of an oil refinery that would be located close to the shore of the Bay.  A small group of citizens came together to stop the proposed construction and Save The Bay was the result. The mission continues today through continued monitoring, advocacy as specific issues arise, public education and active habitat restoration.

Save The Bay is a non-profit and relies on donations, sponsorships and event ticket sales. Today, Save The Bay sponsors a few very well known annual fundraising events.  

The Swim

Every summer there is a Save The Bay Swim Fundraiser where participants swim two miles across the Bay to raise money.

Volunteer Clean Ups

Each year Save The Bay sponsors volunteer clean ups from September to November. They make it easy to volunteer for a shoreline clean up event.  

Taste of the Bay

The flavors, sights and sounds of Narragansett Bay are highlighted during the annual Taste of The Bay event. At the event, you can enjoy food and drink from local restaurants, wineries and breweries in a bay front setting. All proceeds from this event go right back to Save The Bay.

One of the most important functions of this non-profit is educating future generations. Save The Bay does this through outreach locations and special events. I have listed a few of the events and tours below:

Lighthouse Tours

These tours take place from June through September and leave from the Save The Bay Center in Providence. The tour takes 7 hours and provides views of up to 20 lighthouses. The cost of the tour is $125 for non-members.  There is a discount price for members and children.

Seal Tours

Tours take place from two locations, Newport Harbor (December – April) where you can view the seals that hang out on Citing Rock.  Westerly Nature Cruises take place from October to November. The tour is 90 minutes long and leaves from Viking Marina in Westerly. During this tour you can often see seals basking on the shoreline. The cost of these tours is $22 for non-members.  There is a discount price for members and children.

South Coast Center

The South Coast Center in Westerly is currently closed for repairs but it is a location where families can visit (free of charge) and learn about local marine habitats and sea creatures.

The Exploration Center and Aquarium at Easton’s Beach

Over 40 local species are represented in dozens of exhibits and three touch tanks. The new Center is expected to open this summer in it’s new location at Gateway Transportation and Visitors Center on America’s Cup Avenue.  General admission is $9 with discounts available for non-members, military and children.

I have attended many Save The Bay sponsored events over the years and the one thing that I always come away with is the understanding that we all have a personal responsibility to protect Narragansett Bay. It is important that it remains healthy and vibrant during our lifetime and more important that we leave it for future generations to enjoy. 

If you would like more information about Save The Bay or any of their upcoming events you can visit their website at:

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